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Post  Thedillpickl on Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:02 am

NOTE: Reposting this here in case admins delete the article.

Hi kids!

No pics, no music, don't even need page breaks for this one.

Mazzy is a friend of mine. That does not mean someone I've friended in game with a click. Not someone I've interacted with in eRep, that I'm trying to suck up to or wanting her to suck up to me. I would consider Mazzy, what was called back in the day, a pen pal. That is someone you never actually meet in person but that you correspond with and get to know intimately. Someone that you care about their well being and are concerned about their life situation. That said, I'm pissed in RL at those who gave her shit today because she would not say bad things about John Jay.

The whole John Jay is an ass hole issue aside, what f'ing sense does it make to bully someone into saying something they don't want to say? Hmm...? I suppose Henry and Inwegen would say that if she can't take it then get out. OK, fine. So everyone that wants to bully their way around the eRep landscape is right and I'm wrong. I'm fine with that, I don't have to be right. To each his own. Play your game and I'll play mine. I play a game to have fun and interact with people. If winning the game is your only motivation then I'm a perpetual loser. I don't want to win if there's no fun in it for me.

I RP the political shit because it is about the only thing left of the game. I've built my companies. I could be some oldfag 2-clicker that buys gold to get energy bars and pokes the fight button all day. Boring. I could (and possibly should) hole up in my MU and sit back to watch the eWorld go by. I could trim my friends list down to 100 people and not be bothered by shouts in languages that I don't even recognize. Why do I participate? For one thing I enjoy helping people. When I'm asked to help I do. Simple. When I stop caring that's the time to leave.

To prevent a WoT that will leave your eyes bleeding I will wrap this up.

I'm not talking about others who've been bullied in the past. When this has happened to other friends I've been just as indignant as now and have spoken my mind. It's not my job to speak out every time someone is misused by a bully. It is my job to speak up to defend my friends. Shame on the rest of you if you do not get angry and speak up to defend your friends.

OK, the rant is over. Tell me how big of an asshole I am and then continue yer f'ing game.
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