Pickle's Patriots Mission Statement

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Pickle's Patriots Mission Statement

Post  Thedillpickl on Fri Jan 27, 2012 4:56 am

Our Mission: Pickle's Patriots follows orders issued by the eUS government unless it is clear that the eUS and her allies are in no eminent peril. Pickle's Patriots does not accept outside funding from any source. (Gifts & donations are welcome.) Pickle's Patriots exists to provide first for the accelerated advancement of new players so that they might become self sufficient business owners/fighters. This is to help with retention and fun for the player. Second we strive to produce members who's goal is to help new players advance and enjoy the game. Third we desire to become the most powerful force in eRep by having the maximum number of members that require no supplies from any source.

Membership:This Military Unit is open to anyone who would follow our program. Few requirements exist but those that do are inflexible. Applicants who are unable or unwilling to fulfill these requirements will not be allowed to remain.

Our credo: We are honest, trustworthy and dependable. Every member is equal and as such has an equal voice. Respect is earned not given. Authority is a responsibility not a privilege.

Also members agree to the MU's rules of game play:

    Pickle's Non-Negotiable Rules
  • Real Life > eRep (Please let someone know if this happens.)
  • Do only what you find to be fun here.
  • We are friends and respect each other as such.
  • All PM's are to be answered in a reasonable amount of time.
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